About Us

Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1934, is a production and sales, the West pharmaceutical preparations, chemical raw materials pharmaceutical companies. The company can produce high-volume injection, small-capacity injection, oral liquid preparations, oral solid preparations and chemical raw materials (including traditional Chinese medicine extraction) and other 14 formulations of more than 200 varieties of drugs, all formulations have been certified by GMP. Sales in Guangxi has exceeded 100 million yuan, Baihui trademark has become well-known trademarks in Guangxi Province.

Company Institute of Drugs is the autonomous region-level technology center, a certain degree of independent research and development capabilities. Over the years adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the training of independent innovation, relying on technological progress and product development to promote enterprise development. In recent years has been independently developed national 10 new drugs, including aluminum magnesium carbonate suspension, Jian bone injection for the country's first exclusive product. The company has 34 registered trademarks, 6 patents.

The company's main products are compound fresh Dendrobium granules, sodium carboxymethyl starch solution, Ted (aluminum magnesium carbonate tablets, suspension), hair tablets, Victoria U bell eggplant, magnesium U-magnesium double-layer tablets, Alcohol tablets, compound licorice oral solution, Jian bone injection, 50% glucose injection.

2013 - Guangxi Fengye Group wholly-owned acquisition of Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., from Baihui Pharmaceutical into the rapid development period.

2014 - the first phase of the planned land of 150 acres, a total investment of 700 million yuan of modern new plant in Nanning Economic Development Zone groundbreaking, is expected to be completed in 2017.

2018 - start the pharmaceutical sector listing procedures.

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